Get Set…

This weekend I’m racing in Forest Grove, OR in an Olympic Distance Triathlon called “Get Set, TRI!!!” I’m pretty excited for my first Pacific Northwest Triathlon since 2005. I’ll head down after class on Friday and stay in Forest Grove for the weekend. It’s also the same course as USAT Nationals, so it should be […]


School buses, dump trucks, SUVs and old cars are cramping my carbon neutral commute. A few years ago while I was in New York City, a ban was passed on smoking in places of work (i.e. restaurants, bars, clubs, law offices, and even health clubs). There was a huge uproar of bar owners claiming people […]


This morning I made myself blueberry oatmeal and cottage cheese pancakes (don’t knock it till you try it), but I didn’t put enough oil in the pan and they stuck and turned to scrambled pancakes (feel free to knock without trying). That was dumb #1, and the “dumb” just got worse from there:


The University of Washington career center held an etiquette dinner last night sponsored by several local companies who recruit on campus. I went and sat at a table sponsored by Weyerhaeuser. Growing up thinking that Weyerhaeuser was just the name a really big pool (the king country aquatic center) made it quite a surprise for […]


I found this site called the Camelot Climate Index, which rates the weather in 158 US cities compared to the “ideal” weather described in King Aurthur. Note that Seattle is number 13 because it’s never too hot or too cold, and because we only get 39 inches of rain each year, but then look at […]

May Flowers

This weekend is my first swim meet in two years. I’ll be swimming the 800 free on saturday and the 400 free and 200 IM on sunday. (I just couldn’t bring myself to sign up for a meet without the 200 IM, it’s still my love. [note to 400IM: you’re still my love too, but […]

Class Act

That’s how I feel at school this week. I’m acting like I’m there, I’m physically there, but I have no idea where my mind and body are. I’m exhausted from training, and took the last of my first round of midterms this morning (gen chem). Positive thoughts though, I only have to wait two weeks […]