Wednesday was the USA Triathlon scheduled packet pickup time. It was shown to be from 2:30 to 5, but I never heard a peep about it from USAT. I figured somebody would be down there, and I was excited to finally see another American. I was hanging out at the hotel watching Red vs Blue […]


This buffet is legendary. I took pictures this morning (though somehow I neglected to photograph the fruit dish. It wouldn’t have been that impressive though, because I put a real hurt on it.). There’s the Yogurt bar, the granola bar, and the meat bar. There’s also a basket of hard boiled eggs, bacon and eggs, […]


It’s 6am. I’m sitting waiting for the breakfast buffet at the Hotel Helgoland, which is were I’m staying, but not where I made reservations. I just slept for `10 hours after what may have been the crankiest day I’ve ever seen my parents have. I’ll leave out tales of bickering and short tempers because I’d […]