Peggy McDowell-Cramer: 140.6mi in Kona (Part 1)

In 2006 I was in Kansas City for my first USAT Age Group Nationals. I had just found out the hard way that about 90% of the 1500 athletes who come to that event all think they should register within the first hour of an 8 hour registration period. The line was long, and I […]

Seattle Triathlon Training Venues

This week we have a special visitor in Seattle. Lara Brown is up here for the first time visiting her new home in Redmond, Washington. Her husband, who is lucky enough to be named Ben, just got a job at Microsoft, and has damned his wife to soggy gray winter training. Lara will stay in […]

ISM Adamo

I’m getting my winter commuter bike and my Beyond Fabrications Radius Carbon Road bike all set up for training on. I want to have all my bikes fitting exactly the same, and the key component is going to be the saddle. On my Blink Carbon TT bike, I ride an ISM Adamo. It’s a funny […]

A B.S. In Commuter Science

Hello children. If you’ve been following recent developments you would know that your Uncle Huli (World Champion, esq.) is out gallivanting across Europe with his shiny bikes and Kylie Minogue lookalikes. What you might not know, though, is that your Uncle Bobo (Brian Davis) snatched himself an administrator account to Huli’s site and has no […]

Goodbye to San Fran

(for now). I’m safely back in Seattle today. I flew home yesterday, after a pretty crazy weekend. After the Folsom Triathlon Loren’s family, and Ian’s family held a bbq to celebrate. By the time we had toasted to the three competitors I was pretty much ready to fall asleep. My legs wouldn’t cooperate, however, so […]