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  1. Nice site Huli. If I was your dad, I’d be proud of how hard you work at your new job. If I was your mom, I’d be proud of how good a cook you’ve become and how great you are at cleaning. I’m just glad you have been the least stinky house guest we’ve ever had for 6 weeks.

  2. The entire Team Jet Hawaii family is extremely proud of you Ben. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to racing with you in the near future.

  3. Alright you don’t believe I have ever been on your site well here’s the proof! Now you should just come back to California.

  4. I’ll have you know that i just spent my 20min lunch break reading your race report rather than watching the Daily Show–I found it entertaining though, it was a good compromise. Nice job at Folsom.

  5. Hi, Ben:
    This is Anna from TeamJet Hawaii, the one always running behind everybody in the group. But believe or not, I’m running faster and better now! My running time in Tinman this year is 10 minutes faster than last year and I’m in group D in the marathon training now^_^

    You are a great coach and I’ll always remember the good times that we had with you in Honolulu.

    Best wishes for you and I’ll be one of your fans ^_^
    Congrats on you turning Pro!!!

  6. I found your website after racing in the Issaquah Tri against you. You nipped me by just under 18 minutes…..I’ve been back hoping you’d post some more stuff from your friend Brian – I don’t know what he does for a living but he should give writing a shot! My whole family thought it was hilarious.

  7. Ben Collins is a bad mf and highly deserving of free swag from any and all sponsors. Keep chewing up the competition dude

  8. You’ve come so far since the days of ODB and Hot Pockets. I envy the everloving crap out of you.

  9. Ben, Loren said it well, I am proud of you and your work ethic about conditioning. Now if I could extend it to regular mowing of the yard….

    Go Ben, Dad

  10. I hear your going overseas to bring home the Gold. Keep us updated it’s fun to follow along. It’s a lot easier to watch you when you race in the U.S.

  11. Awesome to see you give it 100% from training all the way through the finish line and thrilling to share in the excitement of the races. You’ve got my unequivocal support, love and cheers!

  12. You’ve been working so hard!!! And it will be worth it, so keep it up, your big races are right around the corner! Ride on, bro!

  13. Ben, I just wanted to say way to go! I’m pretty impressed, not gonna lie! Good luck and lots of love from us folks in Illinois!

  14. P.B.H.C., its good to see you coming up in something you have always loved, although it is disconcerting to see you spending so much time in California. good luck over the pond and do please try to stay safe this time. I’ll hit you up in the next day or two.

  15. Ben:

    Best of luck out there – wait for the beers and sausage till post race! Loved having you into the centr last month – you made a great impression…now go show the World what you have! cheers. MD

  16. You continue to raise the bar. You bring the same level of intensity to everything you do and the results are always the same … success. Keep up the good work. I am, as always, very proud of you.

  17. Happened to see the Tiger-Tri in Colville, WA. and have been surfing tri’s on
    the net ever since. Came across your website
    and am now a confirmed fan. Great advice for tri-newbies as myself (would like
    to “tri” next year.)

    Good luck as a pro!!

  18. hey there ben. as mike b said, you truly are a tri-machine! great work and keep it up. if you find yourself in socal, give me a ring and we’ll have to go riding or surfing. keep it real at worlds!

  19. Susan’s been bragging about you, so she sent me your page to check things out. Good luck over there! Keep sus updated, we’re thinking of you over here. Here’s to many wins!

  20. My brother is a world champion! I am one of the very few super lucky sister’s out there. Nice work BLB.

  21. Hi Ben,

    Congrats on the win at worlds. That must have been amazing. You don’t know me, but you know one of my best friends Aaron Scheidies. He talks a lot about you. I get to guide him this weekend in a small race this weekend.

    Best of luck on your Pro Career, and I’d love to buy you a soda next time I’m town.

    Take care!

  22. Pretty cool that you turned pro for my birthday!!! Good luck in the race tomorrow (or just a few hours for you) I know you will give it all you have recovered in just the week since your big win.

  23. Hello Ben,

    There are three parts to every triathlon. Swim, Bike, Run. Remember that and you will succeed. Swim, Bike, Run. Make that your montra. Chant it when you are having a bad day. Sprinkly some on your whole grain pancakes. Swim, Bike, Run. You should celebrate your victory with a party….in my underwear!

    I love you.

  24. Roar Lion Roar! I am a fellow Lion and would like to congratulate you on all your successes. The triathlon club here is starting to blossom and we’re really inspired by you. Good Luck at Scott Tinley.

  25. Ben,
    Great riding w/ you yesterday. While I’m still bummed we missed the opportunity to show up w/ full TT set up, aero-helmet and disc wheels…leaving the tags on your tights was a nice touch! Congrats again on dream season and I look forward to talking to you soon,


  26. Congratulations on all of your success, Ben. A couple of the guys still tooling around here at Columbia with me told me about the website and I have to say, your strength, mental and physical, is just as evident now as it was in college. What’s your secret? Haha good luck with training and hopefully I’ll see you again sometime soon.

  27. Hiya Ben!
    Looks like you’re building up your bio data! :p It makes me so happy to hear you doing what you love and doing an awesome job at it! Keep it up and as Arturo said, if you come to swim in the Thames, we’ll definitely sponsor you!!!
    From a little island across the pond, V

  28. Hey Ben, just heard you rocked out at nationals! nice job guy!! If your ever out east let me know, i miss ya 🙂

  29. Picked up a Copy of the Seattle Times, and you were on the front page. Whats next the New York Times?

    Good Luck!

  30. sorry i have been corrected i just saw the seattle pi article- (i blame a certain blonde girl whom we both know to give wrong information.. (cough katy). Apparently the article was not about nationals, but was an awesome read nonetheless!
    Congrats still, sounds like you are doing awesome 🙂

  31. Aloha Ben! WOW… you went from standing on the podium at Lavaman with me (Big Island) to all this in less than a year! BEST of luck with the big boys, have fun, and maybe see ya again in Hawaii!
    Bree-Big Island Hawaii

  32. Hi Ben!
    Will be in Seattle finally by the end of the weekend! I’m on an off season too, but have not even looked at my bike in 2 weeks. Nice website, i mostly like the ILovBC on the toolbar…..nerd.
    What program did you use to build your site? Talk to you next week! Time for some winter training!

  33. beno-

    1) nice site man
    2) question: do they condone partyboy antics in pro races? i mean cmon…how sweet would that be?

  34. Hi Ben,
    Nice to see you doing so well! I am pretending to be an athlete as well and ran the New York marathon this year – it was an excuse to go back and visit Columbia 🙂 Good luck in Seattle! Anouck

  35. Hey man. I am going into my sophomore year at columbia college and came across your site in an email sent to the triathlon club. I just wanted to give a shout-out to a fellow columbia/NW (I hail from NW Oregon) and wish you good luck in your pursuit of the olympics.

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