I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and who continues to help me in my dedication to the sport of triathlon. In triathlons, and most sports, it is impossible to be the best without help. A special thanks to my family for their unwavering support. I am very lucky to have their love.

Below are some companies that are helping me follow my dreams as well. Each of these companies has my personal endorsement for their products. If you’re interested in anything from these companies please use the contact form on this website and I can help you find the perfect product for what you’re looking for.

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Diamondback Bicycles – How did I get so strong on the bike? It all started when I was 12 years old looking for independence. I had a Diamondback Sorrento that I rode all over the hills of Seattle. I rode to school, to swim practice, and to visit my friends. 20 years later, I’m proud to have Diamondback continuing to enable my lifestyle. With a broad range of bikes for every occasion, and some of the most innovative time trials bikes on the market, Diamondback enables me to achieve my two-wheeled dreams. In 2016 I am riding a Serios Time Trial frame designed by world renowned bike designer Kevin Quan. It’s has the nimble and smooth handling of a road bike, with the stiffness and aerodynamics that convert all my energy into speed.

Garmin International – Garmin makes the most innovative GPS products available to consumers. With a full line of Ant+ enabled Forerunner and Edge computers there’s  a GPS device for every cyclist, runner and triathlete. The Forerunner 735xt is the best all around training device. In addition to wrist based heart rate sensing, it works with Ant+ wireless power meters for cyclists, records your cadence and pace during run workouts, measures your open water swims accurately and connects to your phone to show notifications right on your wrist – all in the size of a small wrist watch. For cyclists who want everything the Edge 820, with its touch screen and color maps, is the most advanced cycling computer ever made.

SRAM In short, SRAM makes everything on the bike except the frame. In 2015 I began working with SRAM after meeting the founder, Stan Day, out on a bike ride in Chicago. We were chatting about racing and why I was getting my MBA – I told him I wanted to enjoy my next career as much as I love racing triathlons. Shortly after that I took an internship at the Chicago headquarters working in product management and I was hooked. The internship lead to a sponsorship. SRAM is a company of smart people who love bicycles. They started with the first grip shifter, and went on to rethink everything on the bike. At SRAM we’re always looking for ways to make cycling a better experience. I love being a part of the action.

Rudy Project – The best sunglasses for athletes. The ImpactX lens technology is rated for ballistics, and is guaranteed to hold up to the kind of beating it gets from me. If not they’re replace the damaged lenses for free. Rudy Project also makes the fast and comfortable helmets. Their aero helmets are easy to get on, so you get free time through T1. All their products are light weight and designed for performance.


Ben’s Muffins – This is a company I started with the goal of making healthy eating a delightful experience. We offer a line of Gluten-Free Microwaveable Muffin Mix that are (as the tagline suggests) health, fresh, and fast. I use a mix of eight high quality, gluten-free ingredients to produce a muffin that will provide sustained energy for every adventure. Fresh pastries are a indulgent way to start your day, but when it takes five minutes, has no added sugar and actually makes you feel better… these fresh pastries are just a smart way to fuel. Available on Amazon with Prime Shipping!