This morning I made myself blueberry oatmeal and cottage cheese pancakes (don’t knock it till you try it), but I didn’t put enough oil in the pan and they stuck and turned to scrambled pancakes (feel free to knock without trying). That was dumb #1, and the “dumb” just got worse from there:

Next up I get caught up cleaning up the kitchen and lose track of time, ended up leaving my house with 10 minutes for the 5 mile ride to school (no, I’m not that fast yet.) Half way to school I start thinking about how nice the weather is and how good the wind feels in my hair… Then it hits me, no helmet. I have no idea how I made it 2.5 miles and 350 vertical feet from my house without realizing I had no helmet, but I was about to hit traffic and Seattleites are not to be trusted with my head. EVER.. So I did what any sensible young man would do. I called my dad to have him bring my think-padding.

On to school and dumb #3 – 45 minutes late to class, I pull out my giant U-Lock from my bag and realize I forgot my key at home. idiot. So I did what any sensible young man would do: I called my dad to see if he’d left for work yet (after getting back home to resume his shower after the previous trip). He says he’s on his way out and will stop by school with my key. I was planning to wait, but a friend came and locked my bike up for me.

Dumb #4 – I sit down in class, now 50 minutes late, and not 15 seconds later my cell phone goes off.

Dumb #5 – At my noon class I realize I completely neglected to do an assignment that would have taken all of 10 minutes to do well. The instructor is talking about it as I stroll in 3 minutes late. idiot.

Conclusion: I have no more dumb left in my system. I got it out just in time for race season to pick up, and to prepare for my last round of midterms and finals. Sometimes I think this afro holds in some of dumb that would normally evaporate off the top of my head. And now I’m mowing lawns for my parents to make up for all the crap they dealt with for me today. Did I mention my dad stopped by blue seventy to exchange my wetsuit for a different size? I can’t wait until fathers day so I can show him how much I appreciate it 🙂

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  1. You are welcome. I think you should recalc your carbon footprint unless you really have let all the dumB out.

  2. Ben, you’re lucky to have parents like this. My wife wouldn’t do any of this and she’s offered to stay with me until we’re parted by death. If he’s available for race support – that would rock (find my non-stick spray, pump my tires, zip my wetsuit, mix my drinks, etc…)

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