London 2012 Olympic Logo

The 2012 Olympic Logo was just released. I think the best description I’ve heard is that it looks like an “80’s hangover”.

It looks like a Pink Panther video game on an 8-bit console. But these things always grow on us, right? Just look at Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. I remember when I thought it looked like something you would find in a junk yard…ok I still do think that.

Regardless, it’s just a brand logo. It has very little to do with the Games.

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  1. Don’t count your chickens, Ben.

    My prediction? You’ll be married with two lovely children and a German Shephard by 2012.

    Call it a hunch.

  2. The logo, if you’ve just hit a hooka pipe ( , is an abstract version of ‘2012’. I had a hangover in the 80’s (just barely) and I don’t remember seeing this logo. My 4 year old said it looks like an elephant. She also said whales eat tomatoes, cheese and strawberries. She also wanted to be a duck at one point this year. What does this have to do with your blog – not really anything except that it’s random I knew you would read this.

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