I entered a push-up contest today at the National championships’ award ceremony. The announcer called out numbers and everyone on stage had to do a push-up together. Now, seeing as how most of the Tri-types are tiny in the upper body, and I’m still packing the swimmer guns, I figured I had a good shot. What I didn’t expect is that this 19 year old girl (~100lbs and no visible muscle with an army-triathlon T-Shirt) pushing up next to me, would end up being a master of intimidation, not to mention a worthy contender. She was a tiny little thing, I would have pegged her to be the first one out, but as we rounded off 100 push-ups with nobody else left on stage, she turned to me, and gave me a death stare with her blue eyes that said, “You’re going down sucker”. Now normally I would have quit and asked for a phone number, but there was a Halo Swim Bench on the line, and I wanted it. 20 rapid push-ups later and she just couldn’t keep up. Take that Ashley Morgan, 19 year old National Champion!

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  1. you know you’ve made it in the world of athletics when you can do more push-ups than a female five years your junior.

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