Robots, Tiny Tim, and a 2 year old’s Bedroom

I’m back in Tiburon this week. It’s been two months since my last visit, and a few things have changed around here.

For one, The Legend, Loren Pokorny, no longer looks like a flounder when he swims. We went swimming in the Tiburon Lagoon again. With 77 degree water I went sans wetsuit, and Loren did a decent job of staying close with his wetsuit and Zoomers on. Only problem is he’s still very stiff, and looks a lot like a robot as he “thinks” his way through the water. The Lagoon did not improve, however. The clear shallow water is now a color somewhere between Forest Green and Bile, and it tastes of algae bloom that reminds me of the way urine would smell after eating 300 spears of asparagus.

That aside, I’ve had some fun open water swims here. (go hard to the front of the pack, turn around and go back, repeat).

Because Katie Mactier is no longer here I was upgraded to pool house, which boasts a very comfortable bed and a private bathroom. It was wonderful. I’m using past tense, however, because when Greta found out that the Nanny would not be able to come this week she invited grandma down for a last minute trip. Needless to say, Grandma gets the pool house, and I’m back in Piper’s room (see this post). So far Piper hasn’t had any words for me in the middle of the night, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Greta now has a day job, which she loves, but I’m again left wondering how anybody can manage to do so much (work, kids, train, maintain a house). I guess the answer is “Invite Grandma”, but I swear people with work, training and family must never sleep.

Sada and Piper

I’m here until Thursday, and I’ve already had some great workouts. Saturday I rode up Mt. Tamalais (a.k.a. Tiny Tim), which was a part of the tour of California back in March. It was an awesome hill climb, and that consists of 12 or so miles uphill, averaging about 6-8% grade, through everything from redwood forest to barren grasslands. I would post a elevation plot from my Garmin, but I’ve once again proven my intelligence by pausing it to wait for Loren half way up, and forgetting to restart until the descent.

Sunday I ran the 11 mile loop around Tiburon, which aside from the risky corners in places, is a really beautiful road. It boasts views of the Richmond Bridge, the Golden Gate, Angel Island, and a Sausilto across Richardson Bay. I really should carry a camera.

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