poopy babysitting, long runs, sweet swimming, and a new bike!

Loren had a race Saturday morning, and Gret was in Seattle for a wedding, which meant that I got to take care of the little ones. Piper started off the morning with the biggest poop I’ve ever witnessed (her diaper weighed the same as she does). After I recovered from the trauma (I recruited my friend Christine to help me, so the “trauma” was just me watching her change the diaper…) I took the girls out for a run around the neighborhood so that we could all have an early nap time. By the time Loren got home I was completely beat. I really don’t understand how people like Loren and Greta manage being parents full time. “Uncle Ben” is the closest I’ll get for a LONG time.

I’m rounding off my third week in Tiburon. Sunday I ran the loop around town, which was a lot of fun. I used my Garmin to monitor my pace, and stay consistent which is really helpful on the easy runs because I tend to go too fast. Not this time, I stayed at4:40/km roughly, with a couple faster sections. Here’s the workout overview from Motionbased (if you click on the image it will take you to the motionbased website where you can check out all the charting features and maps):
Motionbased Screenshot of Tiburon loop run

I’ve been swimming with Bob Placak, who is a masters swimmer I met one night at the local pool in Tiburon. When I say “masters swimmer” I should elaborate that he is a former UCLA swimmer, nearly made the ’84 Olympic team in the 100 fly, then moved on to open water swimming where he kicked butt for a number of years. He currently holds the record for the SF around Alcatraz swim (1:05, but he swears it was all about the conditions that day). Also, he’s never worn a wetsuit (BRRR!!!). Last week we did a set that Bob didn’t make:

500 @ 5:50, 400 @ 4:20, 300 @ 3:30, 200 @ 2:10, 100 @ 1:10,
100 @ 1:05, 200 @ 2:20, 300 @ 3:15, 400 @ 4:40, 500 @ 5:25

We’ll do the set again this week, only we’re both going to make it.

In other big news, I got a new road bike from Beyond Fabrications. It’s really fun to ride (stiff, light weight…), and now I actually have a bike to use at my first ITU pro race in Poland (1 month away!!). I’ll post pictures of the bike soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with this:
Piper & Ben, Sada & Loren at DA BEACH!

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  1. Ben, you and Loren look so cute with hats of giggling girls (who are even cuter) and pink, who wld’a thought!! Sneak some of their energy with you on the race! Have fun tomorrow! Enjoy your new ride!

    Loren and Greta, are you spoiling Ben, thought that was my job! Thanks for sharing your home and adopting him into your family.

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