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If you shop at Safeway, check out your receipts for this month and next. Safeway will donate 10% of eligible products to a school of your choice. If there isn’t a school that you are particularly fond of, my Alma Mater, Garfield High School (school ID 5000005658) could really use the extra cash.

You just enter the number on the receipt and presto, school gets cash. If you don’t do it, it’s like stealing the money from the school and giving it to a giant corporation (I’m using “like” very loosely.).

As an aside, I’m feeling better today. I’m about to go ride run and swim before pigging out on my friend Peter’s birthday Trifle. mmm…good.
(Just to clarify, I’m referring to the 3rd definition of Trifle, and not the first two, which would undermine the importance of Peter’s brithday.)

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  1. did you not know that Safeway has been doing this for a while? They used to do it the old paper way called “script” where you gave money to the school and that bought you basically monopoly money that Safeway accepted. Just some extra trivia for ya.

  2. Ben is going to have 2 readers (his mom and brian) if he keeps writing about safeway and recycling (which is different than cycling). knock it off and write about triathlons and all the perks of being a pro! How did the deck sanding go – I’d rather hear about that than the twice yearly sale at the bon marche you’ll be mentioning in your next post.

  3. Brian you sure comment appropriately to ben’s postings (and when editing for him) considering you can’t read! Good thing you wife is soo good to you! (but you probably can’t read this either…

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