Running with Dad and Red Lace

The past three days I’ve been running with my Dad (he rides his bike).  He’s hurting because he hasn’t been out with me in months.  Today we ran my 10k loop which turns out to be 12.2km.  It has a nice hill from 3k to 5k,where I see how far I can get ahead of my Dad, then how long I can stay ahead once we start going downhill.  It’s fun, but today it was even more fun because I was playing with my new Garmin Forerunner 50.  It’s a super small, no frills HRM that also gets speed and cadence data from a foot pod (while running) or a magnet sensor (while biking).  It was the first time I’ve had accurate running cadence while training, and I found out that my turnover isn’t as high as I thought.

11-17-07_1319 When my dad finally caught me on the downhill we were both exhausted from the chase, and we backed off for a minute.  Our break was just in time to find a red lace bra that somebody had left hanging on the barrier.  I’m not sure how underwear is lost on the side of the road, but apparently it happens regularly in California. Who would have thought?

We finished the run and Dad made me lift his bike onto the hanger for him.  I will never tell him he climbs hills slowly.  I would have trouble going uphill on a lead bike too.  That thing is a tank (though it is nice to have his saddle bags to throw layers in as I get hot, and to carry water bottles).

I’m off to Sushi with my mom.  I’m still looking for more corny jokes, so please leave a comment.

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  1. Oh good you found it! I was wondering when someone would spot it. I often run with random undergarments so that I can do just that, leave them on the side of the road, just to confuse people like you. Oh you say it is black but it clearly looks red.

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