Slumber Party

I am exhausted.  I thought I would get back from my last race and be ready to party like a rock star, but alas, my bed is the only venue I’m interested in.

Today I was supposed to meet some people from Advocare at a product show they put on in Seattle, but I fell asleep four hours before it happened and didn’t wake up in time.  Oops.

Pre-race meal

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I’m debating whether to race a 5k Turkey Trot.  My fitness is superb right now, but at the same time I’m yearning for some down time.  Last time I ran a 5k I PRed after staying up the entire night at a U2 concert drinking an eggnog milkshake from Jack ‘N the Box at 3am.  If that’s my PR, then I should be able to extend my season a week and a half to prove I’m better than that.  I just need a mental push.  Does anyone have a corny joke to get me back in the game?

My good luck present for 2006 Worlds.

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  1. Two potatoes in an oven. One turns to the other and says, “it’s hot in here.” The other potato says, “Whoaah! a talking potato!”

  2. how do you fall asleep so easily? I wish I could do that. This post has too many things included that I can’t have and that isn’t fair! It makes me hungry just looking and reading it.

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