The Big Kahuna

Friday was a rush. After a long breakfast and some electronic geeking out at Bob’s place I went to the dentist, followed by a 2k open water swim, followed by a pit stop in Waikiki, straight to a track workout at U of Hawaii, another pit stop at Momentum Multisport, back to Bob’s for an early dinner, and frantic packing, then a b-line across the island to return the minivan and then to the airport where I checked in 30 minutes before my flight and island hopped over to Hawaii (the big island). The 40 minute flight was enough time to get through a chapter in my MCAT review notes, and by the time I got off the plane I was still in rush mode.  I trampled a few bystanders as I put maximum speed into my slippers (which is what Hawaiians call flip flops or thongs). Managing only minor stubbed toes and no slipper bowouts I arrived at the United carousel to find about 35 swimmers waiting for their baggage and the familiar faces of coaches Jim Bolster and Eric Scheingoltz.

image We rode a school bus from the airport up to Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA), where the Columbia Swim Team will be training from now until the 15th. It was completely dark out (no street lights on the Queen K Hwy), so with the new moon we could clearly see the Milky Way outside the yellow bus.

image I love to arrive in Hawaii at night because when you wake up to the sunlight it’s like waking up in another world. The tropical sunrise always seems so surreal.  This morning was no exception.  I woke up at dawn for a 50 minute run up to the town of Waimea just a couple miles away. I felt like crap running, but the orange and yellow light shining up from behind low clouds made the snow on top of Mauna Kea glow. At the same time, the 25mph wind gusts while running uphill were demoralizing.

This afternoon I will swim with the CU swim team for their first Hawaii practice. I was eyeing them up at breakfast, and I’m ready to take names! I’ll see how long I can hang with the college boys.

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  1. dark in kona at night? yes. very. so i recall. i’m enjoying reading about your oahu and big island ventures since i’m quite familiar with almost all of the places. our son still lives in hawaii kai, and just went back (from christmas here) today.
    re swimming with the CU group: be kind to them. they’re young…..

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