I desperately want to celebrate being home in my own space and the fact that right now my schedule shows no trips until April. The problem is, I have done that same celebration twice now, and every time I do I end up leaving within a week.

I have a new plan: focus on the negatives of being home, and I’ll get stuck here.


  1. 2008_WSA 026My room is a mess. In fact, my bag from Hawaii is still sitting partially packed because the space in my closet is filled with all the winter training clothes I had to buy to survive here.
  2. It is 20 degrees colder and far more wet than any other place I’ve visited.
  3. All that winter clothing adds 10 minutes to the prep time for a ride.
  4. My cat puked on my bed while I was gone, and nobody came into my room to see it because there’s a suitcase blocking the entrance.
  5. If I’m home I don’t have an excuse for missing class.



Still, a few nice things are hard to ignore.

  1. My Family is here
  2. I can cook for myself
  3. Next to the puke is my kitty, and he’s pretty cute. Maybe even worth cleaning up after.

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  1. Those aren’t things that are bad about Seattle, just things that are great about NorCal. Plus, your kitty leaks from the other end…

    I’m going to go ride in the rain.

  2. At least you aren’t setting record snow amounts in FEBRUARY. I think I am suffering from mood swings do to lack of sunshine. I’ll take disney dvds over more snow, freezing temps and whipping wind any day.

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