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(which really means I’m feeling a lack of creativity with the titling part of my brain.)

This weekend has a lot happening. Tomorrow is the Mason Lake Road Race #2 (there are three). I decided last night to skip it, however, in favor of going to the "Tour De Dung". I hear it’s a better race (dry) because it’s in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, and it’s also 48 miles, rather than the 36 at Mason. Besides, take a look at the directions below.

Follow US Hwy 101 past Sequim, stay on Highway 101 until you reach Kitchen Dick Road, take a right onto Kitchen Dick Road. Continue on Kitchen Dick Road, past Woodcock when you will be on the race course, all the way to Lotzgesell Road Rd where the parking area and Start/Finish location.

Those names are pretty funny to me.

image Saturday is also the Seattle Bike Expo. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s nothing like Interbike. With the Seattle scene, my guess is that I will see many many guys on fixies with empty waterproof cycling backpacks (left) to fit free stuff into (like Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bars)

Herriott Sports Performance will be there as well, and rumor has it they have a couple pictures of yours-truly from a little photo shoot we did last week.

Other booths to check out if you’re going – Cyclists Helping Cyclists/First Rate Mortgage, Full Speed Ahead (FSA),

King County Dept of Transportation (tell them what their doing right, before you start criticizing – i.e adding bike lanes has ben good, fighting Lake Forest Park to give cyclists right-of-way was good, etc.), and SDOT City of Seattle (I used to work there.).

Lastly, Chris Lieto is staying with me at the beginning of next week while he’s in Seattle to see William and Peter at Institute of New Medicine downtown. I’m going to bust out the underwater camera and see if he’ll let me give him some stroke pointers.

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