Rest Days

Here’s what I think of rest days: they stink.

Typically, I wake up about 15 minutes later than I would if I had set an alarm. Eat breakfast, study for a bit, then I tackle the errands that have been put off. Inevitably the day disappears before I get half of things done that I had hoped to do, and due to lack of energy expenditure falling asleep early becomes a pipe dream. Thus, I start the week behind on sleep. Honestly, if there wasn’t so much data saying that a full day off is necessary, I wouldn’t do it.

image One thing I miss on my off days is my daily visit to Herriott Sports Performance. The training facility is my new favorite hang out. Aside from the computrainer workouts, strength and conditioning classes, and the treadmill that I frequently commandeer, they also have couches and about 100 endurance films on DVD. Tuesday I had Russell Cree play with my bike fit. We were able to flatten by back out for a more aero position, and he adjusted my cleat position to relieve some tension in my knees. It’s nice to get advice from someone so experienced. Russell has a doctorate in Physical Therapy, as well as a semi-pro cycling license (and a bunch of other coaching certs).

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