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2008-04-2_1st_Lake_Swim 007 Yesterday I took an extended break between my Physics and Verbal sections and threw on my old Ironman Stealth wetsuit (my new helix isn’t here yet and I left my old one in San Francisco), plus my new Blue Seventy skull cap and swim socks, and I headed out for a little Lake Washington open water swimming. The lake this time of year is empty, and since the snow storm has passed, it was nice and sunny. A gorgeous day for a swim, even with 47 degree water.

Actually, with all the accessories the water really wasn’t so bad, and since the winter has been unusually cold, all the lake weeds are completely dead, and I could see the bottom (about 5ft down). Without the hundreds of wake boarders, water skiiers, inner tubers (they’re the worst), fishermen, and yachts out the swim was far more enjoyable than my summertime excursions, despite a numb face and hands.

Alright, so I promised to post Brandon’s article about time management, but I didn’t find time to write a proper into (he deserved better than his own self deprecating story of salty coffee). So I’ll put it up early tomorrow morning.

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  1. I think you look like you are going to handle radio active material… I think a standing pose with full view of everything and the lake behind would have been a better shot.

    I plan on jumping in Walden Pond sometime in the near future.. I might freeze.

  2. I learned last year when I mistakenly brought Brian and Marijana to my first lake swim that standing in the lake screaming Croatian obscenities does not qualify as swimming. The shot had to show that I actually got in, but none of my mom’s pictures with me swimming turned out very good. Plus, here you can see my sweet B70 neoprene swim socks!

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