2008-4-13_South Beach_Tri 041The problem with blogging is that when you’re busy doing things worth blogging about, you generally do not have time to write on your laptop.

Saturday night I went to the K-Swiss VIP After-party: a dinner cruise that circles Miami’s South Beach. As the sun set over the downtown, I got to hang out with the K-Swiss team, the celebrity athletes, events sponsors, and podium winners from every age group. Tickets were also given out to everyone that bought a pair of shoes. Jesus and his girlfriend Aileen came, and both were amazed that everyone they talked to was nice, outgoing, and unique. To me, it just sounds like a group of triathletes. 🙂

After the cruise Jesus picked up his car from the Valet to find that on the tag next to "model:" they had written "Basura", which means "Garbage".

Today I was able to borrow the Basura so I could drive to Ft. Lauderdale and swim at the Hall of Fame Swimming pool. Last time I was there I saw Natalie Coughlin become the first woman to break a minute in the 100m backstroke, and Michael Phelps set his first World Record in the 400IM (US Nationals in 2002).

imageAfter swimming, then biking, then (wait for it) running, I packed up my stuff at Jesus’ apartment and took my bike to Swim Bike & Run, a local triathlon shop, to ship it back to Seattle. Swim Bike & Run is now selling K-Swiss running shoes. Over the weekend alone they sold nearly fifty pair!

Next, me and Basura went to the U of Miami Kaplain center for an MCAT class before heading back to beautiful Hialeah for dinner with Jesus.

Tomorrow I fly to LA, sit around for four hours, then head south to Mazatlan. Yippee!!!

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  1. hey I spent 2 separate weeks bumming around that deck in Ft. Lauderdale. It is also where I learned to platform dive off the 10m…. yea that was the scariest thing I have ever done. You ever tried a front 1.5 somersault in pike position from 10meters up?? Oh with a coach screaming at you to “GO!GO!GO!” yea…. too bad he lost the freaking pictures!!!


    Oh, wait. They would write that on my car, too.

    It’s okay. I don’t care. I love my Nissan Stanza (aka “Quasimoto”) and it has done me very well.

    Sounds like a super fun weekend. I wanted to go to the Swimming Hall of Fame when I was down there last year but never had the time.

    These K-Swiss shoes sound interesting. That’s all you’ve been writing about for the past 3 posts or so. That and Base Water…

  3. our swim team went to YMCA Nationals at the ISHOF pool every April – I made the trip the last three years before college and had a lot of fun. It’s a great pool and I have a lot of good memories from those times. I was also there for a swim camp one summer and we had to run to the pool (over a mile away) before practice at 530 in the morning – good times.
    The Hall of Fame museum is pretty cool too, actually.

    Congrats on the race, btw. It’s not every day that you get to beat up on that dorky “bachelor” Andy Baldwin, not to mention Macca. I would love to meet Dara Torres – from all accounts she seems like a cool gal.

    Best wishes for a great race in Mazatlan.

  4. Its ok Jesus, in Costa Rica, everyone has a name for their car. When I was there with my sister, our car was given the name “super chancho”. It was later revealed to me, after referring to “super chancho” a few times in conversation and receiving dubious responses, that chancho means pig. Who knew.

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