Six Weeks!

image It has been six whole weeks since I have been out of Western Washington, and I’m getting itchy feet. When I got home from LA in February I was sick of travel and wanted nothing but to be home for a few weeks, where I could get on a regular schedule and enjoy my own space. Six weeks took care of that attitude! I’m ready to get away from the rain, gray, cold (not that cold), and hit up some Miami thunderstorms. I’m packing about a gallon of Hawaiian Island Creations 2x Sunblock (I prefer the spf30), so that my pigmentless skin will survive two weeks in the sun. Sunday I race Chris Lieto and Macca in the first ever South Beach Triathlon.

Over the weekend I enjoyed a few Seattle favorites before I head out. I ran with Club Northwest, rode up Cougar Mountain (enough times to make it worth my while going over there) with Chris Tremonte, and swam a nice 7000 yard workout with Cascade Swim Club. All that translates to a tough-as-nails weekend of training, after a tough-as-nails week of training.

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