Seoul Mates

Alright. These pictures have been referenced by myself, and Chris Tremonte, and I’m sure Steven Sexton will mention it when he finishes writing scholarly articles about biofuels (or whatever those Berkeley graduate slackers do with all their free time). These pictures were all taken within an hour of each other at the airport in Seoul. Had I been there two hours I would likely have photographed 25 more matching couples. Enough with the text, look for yourself.

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  1. um I am confused as to the purpose of the matching shirts, I mean is it like when a parent doesn’t want to lose a child, like when an entire team dresses the same? Coordinating outfits for special events, yes, but this is a a bit much.

  2. The humor lies in the mystery – Is there a fashion trend that I’m missing? Was that her idea that he’s going along with, or are that many guys really into wearing matching pink shirts? Why don’t I have a girlfriend wearing matching clothes with me?

    Also notice, many of the couple did more than shirts: same jeans, same hats, even same shoes.

  3. those are some interesting questions, however since i would never be caught dead in a pink shirt, my boyfriends never have to worry about that. maybe matching bike kits would be more apropriate.

  4. wait you have a girlfriend? is she cute? good for her for not matching with you. i hate even the THOUGHT of her in saggy grey boxer briefs.

    haha when greg introduced me to brian fleischman last year at tinley’s, brian was like “whoa i didn’t know you had a girlfriend!”
    AHAHAHAAHAHAH (plus did you see greg’s pants at the awards ceremony?)

    anyways, nice slideshow. too bad there weren’t any matching couples matching with their matching twin kids.

  5. No, no girlfriend, but if matching outfits are all it takes then Kelly and Christine both count today. Too bad I was borrowing Loren’s Z-Team kit, so today was a one time deal.

  6. Speak for yourself, I rather enjoyed the comedic factor of riding in front of you with a translucent unitard.

    Maybe I should explain this. Today we had photos taken for Z-Team Triathlon, which is a team that Kelly, Loren, Ian and Christine all race for in Marin County. Loren couldn’t go so I posed as him (I’m way hotter). Kelly was there, and this was the first time I’ve met the girl behind the keyboard. The funny part is the suits we had to wear for the pictures were completely see-through. There was no mistaking what you were looking at on the rider in front of you, and if you looked back… I’ll just say I tried to hold something in front of my waist line whenever I was not riding.

    This really deserved a post of its own, if only I had brought my own camera.

  7. Now you know what we have been complaining about for the last 2 months… try coming out of the water on to the bike… then it is REALLY see through. And not to mention completely UNFLATTERING. I am sure you looked better than Loren but then again those suits wouldn’t even do the most perfect body justice.

    Well we can only match with our blink carbons, I am not lucky enough to own the matching road bike.

    I am with courtney on the silly gray boxers.

  8. So you all have Loren to thank for that ZTeam see through kit, huh? Wow.

    In regard to the original purpose of your post- that is NUTS. I always laugh a little when Matt and I are wearing similar things like this afternoon when we both had on our REI Sahara shorts (SO COMFY) but diff colors, and both had polo shirts but mine was a girl cut and cute and his was a plain alligator-logo polo (what’s that brand again? I dunno…). So we sort of matched but diff colors and diff styles.

    That whole guy-wearing-pink-shirt thing was crazy. Men should not wear shirts that pink esp if they are intentionally matching w/their girlfriends.


    I’ll do matching bike kits, though. That’s cute.

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