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  1. I might like this photo EVEN BETTER than the one where you have a big grass umbrella right behind your head that’s the same color as your hair so it makes your afro look huge. I like it because a. you two are practically holding hands and b. what’s the story with your shorts leg??

    Hope the flight is fun and not too long.

  2. The rolled up suit is the new fad. First the ‘cool’ kids (like me) started rolling down one sock, then we stopped wearing socks because that is so pre-1992, so we started rolling up pant legs. Now the ‘cool’ kids don’t wear pants, so we have to roll up our unitards. I’m not sure what we do next, but I guarantee once we start you’ll want a part of it.

  3. Because, as we all know, Ben is truly the trend-setter when it comes to fashion. Like wearing glasses when he rides and having a loose helmet strap. Isn’t that right, Ben?

  4. What’s wrong with wearing glasses when I ride? It’s better than being blind, and far simpler than putting in contacts and then wearing yellow lenses.

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