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  1. I’d like that 1 minute back from life. I think it’s time for another guest blogger as you’ve reached a new low. Graveyard videos. Next you’ll be posting kids hitting you in the junk with a baseball bat. I was at least hoping for you to beef it on camera or something or someone to jump out and hit you with a balloon.

  2. don’t you have contact lenses?!

    also why is loren reading your blog before dawn? although maybe it’s already light out at 5:54 a.m…. i wouldn’t know.

  3. I was curious why loren was up so early too, especially after driving back to Tiburon from Disney Land. Whenever I go to Disney Land I’m so tired afterwards – running around with Mickey (the restraining order indicates it was less “with” and more “in pursuit of”), sprinting from Indiana Jones to Space Mountain and back so I can get the most out of my fast pass – I sleep in for days to recover.

    Yes, I have contact lenses, but the glasses with my horribly unattractive helmet really go with the “this guy is the world’s biggest dork” theme of this video.

  4. also you could make your helmet a LOT BETTER by trimming off all that excess chin strap material. sheesh! triathletes/cat 4s have no sense of style! (yes i have watched the video like 3 times now, it’s like watching paris hilton or something)

  5. “This is pretty much the worst movie ever made!”

    “Napoleon, like anyone could ever know that!”

    I came back and watched it again this morning. I don’t know why.

  6. OMG I can’t wait to watch this. I’m at the hotel computer right now and there’s no sound so I will have to watch it when I get home. But from everybody’s posts…this should be good. I can’t wait to chime in with Court on fashion tips. 😉

  7. nah, it’s the one up on Aurora. I’m not sure the name, but there’s a cool bike path behind it with a bunch of small paintings lined up on the side, and as you ride by the drawings blur together into an animation. It’s cool.


    Those jokes were really really BAD, Ben. “It’s really dead here.” 😐

    Just do us a favor and stick to pursuing triathlon and grad school, okay? Leave the jokes to the pros. 😉

  9. Excellent.

    “It’s pretty dead here.”

    Need I say more? Actually yes. That was one of the funniest and stupidest videos I’ve ever seen – thank you for that.

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