Gas Pipes

2008_06_08_Alcatraz "Uncle Ben! I just had a gasser!!"

This is about the most coherent thing Piper ever says to me. And she says it every time she toots. And she toots more than a USC frat house. So I hear that line a lot. Sometimes, however, when she says "Uncle Ben, I just had a gasser!" What she really means is that it’s time to change a dirty diaper. I try my best to make sure somebody else is around when this happens.

Loren asks me to baby sit for him nearly every day I’m here. It’s almost never a problem, but I’m beginning to wonder what he does when I’m not around. At least he has a nanny during the day. What do other families do?

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  1. yeah, when you’re not around, I call Soda – though this weekend was more akin to a perfect storm where we didn’t have a nanny, Greta was out of town and I had to train (because last time I didn’t and you got all crazy).

    Piper also considers a burp a ‘gasser’ which really isn’t true. I also think she doesn’t have as many gassers as she reports. After all, she’ll tell you that she just went to the bathroom when she clearly did not – she’ll also tell you that ‘sada hit me’ when Sada was in another room.

    She did crop dust the enter DVD section at Best Buy last weekend which makes for some nice movie browsing because no one stuck around the aisles we were in.

    You’re also pretty remarkable when it comes to watching the girls, so unlike most guests we wouldn’t trust with TV remote, you are exceptional and get the remote, The Bee Movie DVD, 2 kids and the daily use of a decent car. Plus all of the yogurt you can eat. Plus a waterfront view.

  2. I believe Sada is just getting you back for all the times you have walked into my room or come stand by me just to drop the stink bomb. HA! payback stinks!

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