Such a good day

imageI woke up way too early today so I could swim in the Belvedere Lagoon with a bunch of working stiffs that have to catch a 7:20 ferry to San Francisco. I made fun of a few people for swimming  poorly, which I regret. Normally when I’m mean about swimming I follow it up with a few tips, but this time it just didn’t happen. I lost track of who was who and when I finished my own efforts everyone was done. Oops. Sorry Christine, when I said you looked like breakfast links swimming in boiling water I meant it in the nicest way possible.

Shortly after that I showed up to a give Kelly a swim lesson (it’s funny to meet all the people that comment on my blog) at the Marin JCC. I somehow confused 7:30 with 8:30, so I was an hour late starting the lesson. Oops. Sorry Kelly. I’ll spend extra time on the videos I took of you swimming.

Next, I went back to Loren‘s house (I drove to the JCC), and grabbed my bike to ride into San Francisco. The weather here has been awesome, which means there are about 5400 tourists riding bikes with red baskets in front. None of them ride straight. One side of the Golden Gate is closed as well, so pedestrians and cyclists are all on the same walkway. This meant crossing the bridge took nearly 15 minutes, and nearly cost 5400 people their lives. Oops. Sorry tourists. I’ll yell “excuse me” louder next time.

I got a massage at Presidio Sports & Medicine, which was awesome. Because they only treat athletes they know exactly what to do with me. And it hurts. If you go, ask for Julie. She will make you beg for the end of 60 minutes, and leave you craving your next visit.

image Easy spin back to Tiburon in which I nearly got killed by a car that pulled out and stopped in the center of the road while I was descending into Sausalito at about 40mph.  I stopped at Lucinda’s Burritos for the second day in a row. I thought this was the best burrito place in Marin, but after devouring my shrimp burrito I came home to find a log the size of my forearm wrapped in tinfoil in the fridge. It was a burrito being saved for Greta from Burritoville (I’m so glad I was full or Greta would have had reason to stab me in my sleep). She ate part of it for dinner (it’s big enough for three Ben sized dinners), and I snagged a bite – awesome. I’m totally riding there tomorrow.

This puts me at about 2pm. I made a couple phone calls and bought tickets to go home for a couple weeks (I leave Tuesday, and come back to Tiburon on the 1st). Then I headed back to the Marin Jewish Community Center to take advantage of the full day pass I got from Kelly. I aqua jogged (though I forgot to reread Greg’s aqua jog technique post beforehand), and did a nice relaxing 75 minute yoga class. So good.

By the time I got home I was in such a good mood that I babysat for a bit, cooked dinner and cleaned dishes and loved every second of it. Good things have started happening. This is the beginning of a streak of good luck. I can feel it.

Breath in energy, breath out everything toxic. Repeat. Today was such a good day.

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  1. yea I am sure you could tell by the look on my face I was in no mood for prodding. Bad bad bad morning in the water and did I mention I very much dislike wetsuits, I never feel like I am free to swim in them. I crashed and burned hard at my afternoon practice as well. My shoulder gave up the battle. I just hope you are only comparing my awful swimming to in-cased fatty meat rather than my appearance.

  2. Wow um…good day indeed. Remind me not to swim with you, ever, unless I’m in the mood for a good prodding or injection of criticism.

    Today will definitely be a better day. 🙂

    So why are you staying down here for so long and why are you coming back on the 1st? Another race? Just hangin’ out?

  3. p.s. That really sucks about the bridge. It’s bad in general…I can’t even imagine trying to ride through BOTH Freds on bikes AND tourists on foot! Yipes!!!

  4. i’m glad you had a good day. i thought about going back to the JCC and marveling in it’s nice-ness in the afternoon too, but apparently we have to ‘move in’ to be ready for our party. hmm

  5. I’m just glad for once I wasn’t the victim of his criticism. Yes, riding across the bridge before the 2nd side opens for bikes only at 4pm is insane right now. Imagine riding through a crowd of tourists (many whom of which are not primary english speakers and who do not have any idea what it means when biker is behind you going 20+mph – you’d think move over, but no, it means ‘pretend they’re not behind me asking me to move’.

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