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I’m sitting around waiting for my second breakfast slash brunch slash pre-race meal, and I read Chris Westall’s latest post on Nutrition 53 There’s a coupon code for 50% off on your order (code: Triathlete). That should be good incentive to give this stuff a try. It’s not “sport” nutrition so much as “life” nutrition suppliments. For instance, I wouldn’t take Lean1 as a recovery drink, I’ll stick with Clif Recovery for that, but it is a great snack replacement (as Courtenay has mentioned several times). The sleep1 puts you to sleep, and the Neuro1 wakes you up, and all three products are boosted with vitamins and minerals that will help to maintain consistent health. Sounds like a lot of other products, except these ones actually work. Courtenay is using Lean1 in a little experiment to see if she can lose weight before the last few races of the season. She’s measuring quad diameter, weight, and waist diameter every week (can you believe a woman is posting her weight to the internet? And she’s publicizing her 30th birthday!), and using Lean1 as a snack every day. I’m interested to see the results, as this reminds me a little of my own experimentation with Base Performance.

Alright, time to go have my meal, then it’s nothing but Neuro1, Clif Shot Electrolyte Drink and Base Performance Water for the next 3.5 hours before the race.

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  1. you forgot to say that i am great too, just like nutrition53.

    anyway yes i am a girl and yes i am posting my weight and birthday on the internet, as well as PHOTOS of myself and in some of them every once in a while i don’t look cute. i blame it on bike racing, somehow that activity ruined any sense of modesty i might have had. hence also my ability to pee pretty much anywhere (including strip mall parking lots).

    i think lean1 would make a good recovery shake if you mixed in a bunch of carbs – bananas and ice and maybe some ice cream and put it all in the blender. i might have to try that.

    have a great race!

  2. I made a shake with both Lean 1 and Neuro 1… it was awesome! Some Fruit, Fruit Juice, Nutrition 53 product of choice and some ice… Blend and enjoy. Oh… and I throw in a little Almond Butter too… So Good!

  3. OOOOOH THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD! I hadn’t thought of that…I’m definitely going to try that.

    Oh and Ben, why couldn’t you have posted this one day EARLIER? I bought my Nutrition 53 stuff and the coupon code that Chris said to put (i can’t remember what it was now) didn’t WORK. So I paid full price. Argh.

  4. Thank you for the promo code! I received 50% off my offer which made me happy…and then I found out that shipping and handling was about $10.00 which made me sad. Can’t wait to try the Lean1 product.

  5. Yeah, unfortunately tubs of powder cost a bit to ship, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with the purchase. Courtenay Brown has done some serious Lean1 product testing and has managed to lose some body fat while maintaining power just by using it as an afternoon snack at work. Just remember, it’s low in calories, so it’s really not a meal replacement. You can’t train without calories, Lean just helps you time the intake better, and get the vitamins when you’re bod is best able to absorb them.

  6. Since we received so may calls about our coupon code that expired, we reactivated the triathlete code for 10% off you entire order at Thank you for the overwhelming support.

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