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The past five days my coach has delivered some wonderful presents. That is to say, high intensity workouts. I’m now starting the final week of a five week training block leading up to the Geneva Continental Cup (aka Musselman Triathlon) in New York and the NYC Triathlon eight days later. My training block started off with a lot of volume and then shifted over to high intensity. This week I do another shift to race prep and recovery, so that I’m ready to race my heart out. After a couple of less than 100% races I’m stoked to be healthy and prepared to leave everything on the course.

image I was convinced that Tiburon had no good roads for bike interval workouts, until yesterday when I looked out the window of Loren’s car and saw this smooth blacktop winding around the side of a hill just south of Strawberry. It turns out there’s an awesome loop, mostly flat, but with a few short risers that really get the HR up. The best part, however, is the complete lack of cars on this road. I was able to do my entire workout without any unwanted vehicular disturbances.

I got this image by clicking on “View Activity in GoogleEarth” in Garmin Training Center. It’s sorta cool. No, it’s really really cool. I can click on one of those black boxes and it will give me all the data from that position (speed, lap distance, heart rate, cadence, and so on). I was using my Garmin Edge 705 so I was hoping the box data would include elevation and %grade, but no such luck. Also, if I hadn’t gone back and forth over the same 2.5 mile loop there would be fewer boxes and it would be easier to figure out what’s going on.

Before my intervals this morning I was having a really tough morning. I took some Nutrition53 Nuero1, and it totally got me going. Unlike Caffeine pills or coffee, Nuero1 doesn’t make you jittery, and there’s no crash. I’m totally sold on this stuff, though I have learned not to ever try the orange cream flavor again. I’ve never liked those two flavors together, it’s like mixing milk and orange juice and the blend of those two flavors should be the eighth deadly sin. Luckily, they make a bunch of other flavors, like Mocha, which are awesome. (And if you’re weird and like creamsickles, you can still have orange cream).

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  1. i really like mocha too. i was so tempted to use some this morning for my swim, but unlike YOU i have discipline and can save the good stuff for race day.

    do you use the lean1?

  2. I happen to like creamsickles… but I suppose I am weird, so it makes sense. I’m diggin the 53 too.

    Speaking of which… I made a smoothy with it yesterday and it was Awesome!

    And… sweet ride, I’ll have to check it out. I get tired of the cars and idiots on the paradise loop.

  3. Creamsicles rock – bring me the stuff you don’t like and I’ll trade. I’ve lived here 18 months and have no idea how to get to that road. Maybe Soda will show me this weekend.

  4. You can claim disgust to the blend of milk and orange juice, but need I remind you that you LOVED it around the time your recent birthday photo was taken? But I’m with you– donate the orange cream 🙂

  5. ok i can’t claim moral superiority any more. i broke down and had a mixed berry neuro 1 this morning, i needed some outside help facing the pool. it worked.

    i’ve been on this road as an alternative to going over camino alto, it’s nice because it’s quiet but i like camino alto, nice and shallow and short and then you get a cute little descent. my kind of hill!

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