Four Days

image In January Victor Plata (far right back row) invited me to race in Brazil with him and Matt Chrabot. I didn’t really know either of them, but over the course of five days in South America we were able to get to know each other pretty well. Victor has been racing ITU for 10 years, and had a wealth of knowledge and stories. Speaking to him was like flipping through an encyclopedia of triathlon. When I came home we stayed in touch, on-and-off. So in June when Victor graduated from Law School and told me he was going to start coaching – it got me thinking. I get along very well with Dr. Mike, and I was very successful under his instructions, but I am also eager to learn from someone who has actually done the races I’m going to, and who has succeeded at the level I want to be at. It was a sad farewell, but I’m excited for Victor to take over as the new CEO of (which is my dorky way of saying he’s my new coach)

I started working with Coach Plata this week. He arrived in Seattle Wednesday night to show me in person how to train under him. This week was equal to my highest mileage week for running ever, and my highest volume week in the pool since I was in college. I’m totally wiped. I feel good, and I’m sleeping gloriously, but I also have no desire to up my social schedule. Actually, I haven’t even seen my friends in Seattle yet, and I was gone for most of the past three months.

Ugh I have to get work done, but I’m tired.

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