Another Vexing List

Here are some things that made my day get continually worse after getting out of bed this morning (that was a huge mistake).

  1. I accidentally poured about a 1/4 of a bottle of hot sauce on my breakfast burrito because I’m used to the bottles with the drip top and this one didn’t have that little drip hole so when I turned the bottle over it just came pouring out. I admit that this was my fault, but my belly still hurts from eating so much hot sauce.
  2. I sat next to a woman from LA that only wanted to talk about how rainy Seattle is and how she comes here for business several times a year and “it just rains every time I come here” and she thinks that makes people in Seattle grumpy. WE’RE NOT GRUMPY, WE JUST HATE LA!!!
  3. When I finally got to the IMA (intramural athletics building at UW) I found that the pool, which is an L shape, was set up perpendicular to the normal direction, so rather than swimming PA130283laps on the shallow side, we swam from the shallow side to the deep end, and the lanes were set up double wide, with no lines of the bottom of the pool,  and no backstroke flags. Basically the facilities manager of University of Washington’s IMA is an idiot. This is the most dangerous swimming pool conditions I have ever swam in. People were swimming in diagonals, hitting each other, ramming into the wall because there’s no T on the bottom to gauge by… It was awful. And tomorrow I’m supposed to do a workout with Aaron Scheidies, who can barely see, and who uses the black line to know if he’s going straight and the T for his turns because he can’t see the wall.
  4. Plus the clock is not positioned for the lanes like this, so I have to bring a wrist watch if I want to know my intervals. They said they would keep the pool like this until the other campus pool (where they give swim lessons) opens again. Until then they say they need the shallow end to be open. HELLO! IDIOTS, you will have more injuries from lap swimmers running into each other than from swim lessons learning to use deep end!  I’ve taught beginners in water over their heads, and it’s not that hard. AAAH this was by far the worse part of my day.

    After that I went and ranted to my new boss, Carrie, who really only cares that I have a song list together for my spin class tomorrow. (Maybe I should be doing that instead of ranting on my blog.) 2008_Jan 015 Ok, then I ran and got ice and then saw two people I knew while I was trying to get to a bus stop to get to class, and

  5. one was Brian (who was dressed exactly like he is in the picture to the right) and he had the nerve to tell me I looked like someone from a bad 80’s movie (See the picture of me above), but I kind of like my new K-Swiss sweatshirt. Even Courtenay complemented it, and she’s always the fashion critic. When I finally got to the bus stop to catch the 852 bus (which I had never heard of)

  6. it turned out that the Metro Trip Planner was WRONG about the bus stop and that bus didn’t actually come there. But then the bus that goes to my house came, so I hopped on it thinking I might have time to get home and borrow a car and get to class.
  7. But Seattle rush hour (despite what the LA woman said this morning) SUCKS, so I didn’t get home in time and when I did
  8. there was a downpour of rain (I still hate the LA woman) and I was soaked and
  9. hadn’t eaten anything all day, and was
  10. too late for it to make sense to go to class, so I was

(See, most lists go to ten, but mine goes to eleven.)

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  1. I NEED A KSWISS Sweatshirt. Seattle isn’t the fashion capital of the US but it’s better than all of Germany and the Netherlands where I simply couldn’t find anything but a cute t-shirt for Greta. Seattle does stink but for some reason people tollerate it – I think I’d actually take Seattle over LA but I will have to think about that. Both have horrible traffic. Brian wasn’t wrong btw – but he makes it sound like the 80’s were bad. Perhaps he missed the 60s.

  2. couldn’t you just make your list ten items and make ten the loudest? jk. good reference though, that movie has been on my mind lately too.

    well, i guess it can only get better from here, right? if you’re in dire need of some good spin songs, let me know – i have a bunch.

    also, i hate to break it to you, but both you guys look like total dorks. sorry. someone has to be honest here. 80’s fashion should only be worn to retro night at the club or halloween, if that.

    I will be eagerly awaiting the story of your swim with aaron today, btw.

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