Giving Thanks

Yesterday I had a thanksgiving theme to my spin class workout. First we did a really hard VO2 max set, then we did a short recovery lactate tolerance set. It went like this:

A) Standing at 80% of max effort, B) Sitting and sprinting in the same gear, then C) changing to a harder gear and pushing 100%.  We did it six times around, with no rest between sets, and the set lengths were: 15s A / 5s B / 15s C, then 30A / 10B / 30C, 45/15/45, 60/20/60, 90/30/90, 120/40/120.

Then we did a turkey of short sprints. A turkey is a term from bowling, where you hit three strikes in a row. A turkey sprint is 3 short sprints with short rest, so we did:

Thanks, then 3x (20s sprint, 10s rest), and we did that for each of the ten people that showed up for class.

2008_10_9_Incline 018 I’m not sure why our attendance has been so low, but I’m hoping people start coming back next week for our last week together. On Thursday I’m going to have an 80’s day (what’s good 80’s music? do I just play the Breakfast Club soundtrack? I was way too young to be cool in the 80’s), where I’ll hand out some cool prizes (like clif bars and Garmin tote bags filled with Hawaiian Island Creations 2x Sunblock  samples so they don’t get sunburned cross country skiing over the winter break.)

It’s a long weekend, and I’m filling it with fun stuff. Tomorrow I run a 10k, then I pick up Courtenay from the airport on my way home for turkey/ham dinner. Friday I’m going hiking with my guest while everyone else is risking death buying stuff at the malls. Saturday I have no plans, but will likely go sailing or on a long ride if the weather is nice, Sunday morning is the Seattle Marathon, where I volunteered to help out the medical staff at the finish line, and Sunday night I’m taking my sailboat out in the holiday light parade on Lake Union.

If I don’t write about it this weekend, I’ll give a full recap on Monday before I write a second part in the saga of Aaron Scheidies. He thought my last post was funny, but it seems I could be a little nicer. He’s a funny guy, but it’s not because he’s blind, it’s because he’s Aaron.

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