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Today I flew to San Francisco after teaching my last spin class until the 18th. I’ve made my classes progressively harder, and today I gave them a little gift to remember me by while they’re stuck with a sub. At the end of class every person in the room looked as if they might fall off their spin bike. (Sweat flying in every direction, mouths open, audible panting, laying on the bars during the recovery intervals). It was awesome.

IMG_0098 Anyway, I flew on Virgin America, which is definitely different. It was also $75 from Seattle to San Francisco, which was half the price of Southwest and Alaska. Then they tried to charge me another $75 for my bike, but I negotiated down to $50 b/c that’s what they charged me the time before. (They put a note on my account that says I should be charged full price next time, so this is probably my last flight on Virgin America.) When you walk onto a VA plane you notice the purple lighting and “house” music, with a nice steady base line. I never saw the movie Soul Plane, but I’m guessing it was a lot like flying VA, only with Snoop Dogg on board.

Chris Tremonte left Seattle on Alaska Air 15 minutes before me and got to his gate at SFO at the same time, which was perfect because we were able to meet at the rental car desk and drive together to the Cow Hallow Suites on Lombard Street. I love this hotel. I was here to have an exam proctored last year, and it’s great. Good location, nice staff, free wifi, and free apples at the front desk.

We went to whole foods and gorged on veggies and fruit. Now Chris is walking around the hotel room naked. I think it might have something to do with the purity of our dinner. Or maybe he’s just following my example. I’m not sure.

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