All You Have to Do Is Open Your Eyes!

I’m snowed in by a whopping 1 inch of snow that ‘s caused the entire City of Seattle to shut down. Aside from no swimming today, that meant a run in the snow, an indoor bike ride, and some quiet time at home to notice some little things going on around me.

2008_12_17_EagleBites 007

This is a Bald Eagle in the tree outside my room. He was just finishing a snack (some kind of rodent).

2008_12_17_Aaron_Studying 002

And here is Aaron studying for his Physical Therapy Licensing Exam, which is all day tomorrow.

At least, that was him 20 minutes ago – now I hear him snoring, so I’m assuming he’s taking a short break. The umbrella is to keep the glair of all that snow away from his computer monitor. He has an enlarger that he puts his text books into and it blows up the image on the computer screen so he can see it. Imagine taking an 8 hour test like that!

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  1. Quick notes:
    – Your bald eagle looks more like an underfed chicken (or possibly a golden eagle)
    – Have you ever tried to study hard with a snowed in crazy person running by taking your picture? I imagine it can be disconcerting.

  2. It’s an immature. As far as I know we don’t have golden eagles in the northwest, but the immature bald has a brown head, rather than the white head for which the bald eagle is known.

    Aaron exudes so much anger for me it cracked a window. Seriously, I was sitting in the next room and heard this BANG, and when I went in there was a pane of glass that had shattered. The only way I believe that he did it with his mind is that it was the OUTER pane of the double pane window.

    Then we took it outside for a snowball fight. At first, I thought, “snowball fight with a blind kid? This is going to be ridiculous!” But now I’m sitting here thawing out my ear from the snowball is nailed me with. The kid is blind and he has better aim than me.

    But, rather than admit defeat I picked up a snow shovel and started throwing piles of snow at him. When he failed to look phased, I ran inside and told my mom he was picking on me. HA! That should show him!

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