House Guests Smell Like Chinese Food

image Here’s a short rant about the only genre of food I completely despise. I hate Chinese food, but the other night after watching the Garfield High School Swim Team kick Ballard High School’s butt I found myself agreeing to eat the stuff rather than being a drag on the group. By group I mean Courtenay, and my friend Braden. The problem is not exactly the taste of Chinese food, but the smell and the way it makes me feel after eating it (like lard dripping down the side of a boiling pot of lizard stew). Ugh. I know I hate Chinese food, and yet every time I give in and try it I’m able to convince myself that it will be different.

So Courtenay’s leaving tomorrow. I’m a little sad. The 17 day weekend seemed to get more and more fun while she was here. It started with me running a 10k (and winning) on Thanksgiving, and it ended with her running a 10k (and winning) yesterday. I ran with her and took pictures as often as I could. It was fun.

And unlike Chinese food or fish, Courtenay hasn’t managed to wear out her welcome in 17 days.

Next up, Aaron comes back up tomorrow for his last four days of super cramming for the physical therapy boards. Think positive thoughts for him, and with any luck he’ll fail so he can study with the Delta Gamma Girls some more!

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  1. You’re 25 and still going to high school swim meets? I’m even guessing you went on a Friday night. No wonder Courtenay left. I have a feeling that your parents will have house guests for weeks on end – well after you’ve left the nest. I’m probably bring the family by for a few weeks when we visit next.

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