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image I promised a full recap of my eventful weekend, but like my failure to write a recap yesterday, I also failed to have quite the eventful weekend on my schedule. Friday I planned to go for a hike, but ended up sleeping in until 10am, eating breakfast, going back to bed, eating again, laying around in a semi-conscious state, eating more, watching a movie, then going back to bed. It was a far superior day to hiking, and equally non-participatory in the commercialism of Black Friday. Saturday, once the protest was over I went with my mom to get some cross country skis, ordered two books and the Spanish version of Rosetta Stone off Amazon (my mom and dad have been talking about getting this for ages so they can relive their glory days of the 1970’s driving through Latin America in a VW minibus. Selfishly, I’m hoping to use it for my own linguistic benefit as well.), and spent a bazillion hours in REI which resulted in nothing more than a pair of wool socks. Everyone else on my gift list is getting a mix CD (I’m only making one, so don’t think you’re special if you get one) or a personalized poem (this will be more special) or a piece of fiction that will either make you laugh or cry or stop talking to me permanently. Believe me my writing is much better than any other form of art I’ve tried (i.e. amorphous ceramic blobs, mime shows where I had to vocally explain what was going on, paintings of stick figures puking off chair lifts, and other standard short bus productions.)

DSCF0880 Sunday I volunteered at the medical tent for the Seattle Marathon. I showed up late, and missed all the exciting sick people finishing the half marathon, then stood on my feet for the entire rest of the day watching healthy people finish 26.2 miles in a day so foggy it looked like San Francisco. Then later I went with Courtenay, Aaron Scheidies and Carrie on a fantastic voyage. We tried to participate in the Christmas parade on Lake Washington by putting lights up on my boat. Unfortunately – due in one part to the fact that I have yet to clean the barnacle covered bottom of my new (to me) sailboat and in another part because I refuse to make the 35 year old diesel engine work harder than 50% effort – we were dropped from the parade like a tricycling 5 year old in the Tour De France.  [This is the Fremont Bridge going up in the fog to allow us through.]

So that’s it for Friday through Sunday. The only other thing that’s worth mentioning is my 10k from Thanksgiving morning. The race had about 200 people in it, though the majority were running the 5k run/walk (including my dad mom and sister). I don’t have a lot of experience in run races, so I decided to pace myself off the leaders for the first 5km. That worked alright, the front pack started as five, and lost a member every mile, leaving two of us at the 5km turnaround, where I realized I wasn’t breathing hard, but the guy I was pacing off of seemed to be scarfing down the brisk air like imagea German Shephard in a butcher shop. I picked up the pace and never saw that guy again. I don’t know if it was due to the course’s elevation profile, or because of my somewhat poor pacing strategy, but I negative split the 10k by 50 seconds to finish in 33:30, and a full minute ahead of second place. My sister had just finished the 5k a few minutes earlier, and we were able to run back and find my parents finishing their 5km walk. This gave us a chance to have a family finish picture, thanks to my brother-in-law who acted as our private event photographer (thanks Matthew!).

After that Thanksgiving got even better as Courtenay Brown came into town. I’m having fun dragging her around Seattle, telling her how awesome the city is with my best “I’m a Seattleite and this city is way more progressive and awesome than all other cities ever” tour guide voice. It’s something like this, “That’s Queen Anne Hill, where I grew up, and over there is Capital Hill where I went to school, and I think we should go get some coffee at Cafe Vita, which used to be called Paradiso when it was cooler, but now it’s filled with aging cap-hill yuppies with young children – but that’s okay, because even the yuppies in Seattle are totally progressive, and have you heard my favorite radio station kexp? Because Seattle’s music, art, and social scene is totally progressive too.”

That’s all for now. I’m sitting here ignoring both my friends that are staying with me. Courtenay is reading blogs or something, and Aaron is in the next room snoring really loud. I have to write a post soon about how much I enjoy Mr. Scheidies being here. He’s an awesome kid, and it’s hard to describe how much fun it is to have him around in my limited literary giftedness.

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  1. I should ask how you’d describe me since I’m probably an aging yuppie (I am not sure if having 1 BMW is a qualifier or maybe it’s 2 and one must be an SUV) and I have kids AND I’m probably not progressive since I do think Miami Vice was awesome and still some of the best TV ever AND I have a Dole/Kemp t-shirt (I even went to their rally here by bicycle on Vashon Island back in the day) I’m thankful that you like me regardless of all these things.

    Congrats on the turkey trot. I suspect you didn’t stop with a Ben Collins roadside special. Fiber and greens has it’s place you know – just not in the diet of a triathlete in the week preceeding a race.

    Tis the season.

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