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I’m sitting in Seattle waiting for my delayed flight to leave. I had a 40 minute layover in Dallas, which was tight, but now my flight is delayed an hour because of weather in Chicago,but since Chicago is an American Airlines hub, the flight to Sao Palo from Dallas is delayed 50 minutes. Now, for those of you who have passed 3rd grade math, that leaves 30 minutes for me to rush from one plane to the next in Dallas. And for those of you who have flown through Dallas, you’ll know that the international terminal is not the same as the domestic terminal, and I have to take a shuttle from one concourse to another. This could be a serious process. I recall one similar situation in which I ran nearly a full mile in the airport because the train was broken. I’ve also spent nearly 40 hours in the Dallas airport waiting for a flight that was delayed, cancelled, rescheduled, and delayed again. I specifically asked not to go through Chicago in winter, but I didn’t realize Dallas was the only other option.

Also, American is now charging for both checked bags on all their flights, except going to Brazil. That’s cool. Except they’re charging $100 for my bike, which was free on international flights a year ago. I think it stems from an American disgust for all things progressive that don’t benefit the corporate economy (e.g. cycling for transportation, walking for transportation, non-internal-combustion-engine transportation, local farming, organic farming, non-petroleum based fertilizer farming… etc.), but maybe I’m projecting too far. And maybe Obama will fix everything. I’m a skeptic, but I will raise my glass to hope. If nothing else, if we all start believing that we can make a difference, them it’s a lot more likely to happen.

That was a tangent… Maybe my flight will be leaving soon… I wish I could have spent this extra hour at home… I’m hungry…

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  1. Ben, it’s two hours after the flight left for Sao Paulo so we’re thinking you made the connection and hope the “Tri Trio Team” is already settled into a good sleep on the plane versus a corner of the airport, or worse…a cheap Dallas hotel bed. I’m sure there are no ‘talking slumber parties’ with Victor on board! Dream of fresh Brazilian fruit in the morning and sunshine…………….only Susan in Guatemala is not envious, and she’s feasting on chicken served with a half pineapple! Even without you we finished Courtenay’s scrumptious vegi and greens salad. Post pictures please! Good night!

  2. I agree with your anti progressive sentiments. Golf clubs and skis are free. Why? Because you pay money to do these sports. Surfboards and bikes, charge as much as possible. Maybe it is our capitalistic base of society, maybe it is because large corporations run our world. Either way, I pay. When they try to charge me for weight, I will find the fattest person in line (this will be better in the States) and make him stand on the scales with his bag. Then I will stand on the other scale with my “overweight” bag. We will see who is lighter.

  3. oooo rory i like how you think. so far i have tried two tactics: lying (works unless i am in colorado where they see a million bike bags) and crying (totally doesn’t work).

  4. try this one – “I’m trying to get home – my wife is about to deliver a baby”. This works with women because 1) the baby softens them up 2) they forget that they’re charging you 3) they won’t ask too many specific questions. This will not work for women as well. This ALSO only works on your return flight home – otherwise they’ll be like, why are you flying back in a few days…

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