Three Weeks of Aloha

2009_02_HawaiiTraining 030 That’s how long I’ve been in Hawaii, and it’s also how long I have left in Hawaii this year. I found out this weekend that I will be racing in the Mooloolaba World Cup in Queensland Australia. This is my first World Cup start, so needless to say, I’m stoked!!

Yesterday I rode up Tantalus with Oahu’s two local pro triathletes, Tim Marr and Jon Flanagan (though we were each riding alone and had no idea the others were also doing the same ride and never once saw each other.). I nearly stayed in and rode on the trainer, but I had talked to Courtenay earlier and she told me about how cold and wet it was for her ride in Seattle, but she still had fun. Here was my mental monologue as I eyed my trainer while putting on cycling clothes:

“Ugh, it’s windy and rainy and my bike is sort of clean… ok it’s not that clean…. who rides a trainer in Hawaii? How many times do I have access to my favorite ride ever? Is it getting nice out? I might as well go.”

And it did clear up. At least it cleared up until I started climbing, at which time it started raining with better water pressure than most hotel showers. Climbing Tantalus was wet and cold, but the descent was far worse. I never realized that drenching rain renders Shimano break pads worthless. Here’s my internal monologue as I approached turns:

“Ok, there’s lots of water flowing across the road, I should probably be careful… um, I’m squeezing the brakes, why aren’t I slowing down? …Please slow down please slow down.. THANK YOU GOD!”

So all-in-all a great training experience.

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  1. haven’t you learned yet that in the rain you brake about 3-5 seconds before you actually need the brakes? Any ride, no matter how wet is good if you don’t have to wear booties.

  2. I did know that. And it’s even more pronounced on carbon rims. I just was surprised by how little braking ability I had even after the 3-5 seconds. I’m going to try those orange pads that say they’re for rain. I think I have a pair sitting in my garage in Seattle.

  3. …Please slow down please slow down.. THANK YOU GOD!”
    nigh unto a verbatim quote from me. maybe my end can also go “o, God, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. i’m really, really grateful, and thank you”. that’s when i’ve recovered enough from sheer and total terror and can actually think/speak.
    you did a good job. and congratulations on getting into the mooooooo race.

  4. yellow swisstop or salmon koolstops help decrease the “moments of impending doom.” Totally worth it IMO

    I just switched since I moved from new mexico to seattle, good luck in training!

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