Winning Without a Voice

ben&ana This weekend (and into this week) I have had an unexpectedly long time without internet. So long that I haven’t even been able to write a blog about how I won Sunday’s Nautica South Beach Triathlon!

[Left: K-Swiss Athletes, Anna Kournikova and the far less famous Ben Collins at the K-Swiss after party]

I’m getting on a plane to Seattle, and I’ll be able to post more when I have a real internet connection (not just a cell phone). The race was really fun, and now I’m really happy to be (finally) going home to Seattle. It’s been since January!

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  1. Let me be the first to welcome you back. I got home yesterday evening at it is actually sunny and Seattle-warm — like in the 60s. But worry not, the bad weather is scheduled to return on Thursday.

  2. oh, and congrats on the victory! and on being one of the small number of people I know who were happy with their racing performance this weekend!! It seems like lots of Ralph’s and New Orleans folks just got shelled.

  3. nice dude, finally getting into your swing. in that case maybe you can take me out for a drink….of wheatgrass…..or whatever it is you crazy athlete’s drink. can’t wait to see you this week

  4. Ben, it was great meeting you before the race, and swimming alongside for the first ~150 yards. Congratulations on the win and thanks for taking the time to chat!

  5. victory..race? what are these fellas talking about?. I guess i missed something because i was to busy staring at the picture.

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