image After the lynch mob started their march to my house in Seattle I decided I’d better high tail it out of there and let things cool off a bit. Off to Oklahoma City for the weekend! Now, I have never been to Oklahoma, which is good because it means nobody here wants me dead, but I had no idea what to expect. Okay, that’s a lie, I expected the same kind of thing you see in the more rural areas or Washington: jacked up pickup trucks, farmland, and cows. Not so much.

Oklahoma City has been really kind to me so far. Everyone I’ve interacted with has been really kind. The race director, who is gitty with excitement about hosting this race, even changed the swim course after Victor Plata and Hunter Kemper complained that the first turn buoy was far too close. I don’t really see the problem with 75 guys sprinting 100 meters to a turn buoy.

Our motel is a typical highway truck stop style place with outdoor halls and a freeway right next door. But it’s comfortable, and the Argentinean and Costa Rican teams are here with us. I think those teams are nocturnal because around 10pm each night I hear the Spanish speaking quickly grow louder and more frequent than the trucks passing on the highway.

Yesterday Victor and I were looking for the YMCA, but instead we found the OKC Bombing memorial. It’s a nice park, with a giant reflecting pool. I was surprised how large the building was. It’s amazing and awful to think two men created so much destruction.

Last night we were kicked off a high school track, which we had to jump a fence to get onto. It’s this beautiful facility, in a community without many recreational options, and it’s tragic that it would be closed to the public who’s taxes paid for the facilities construction. There seems an obvious connection between this type of situation and the obesity epidemic.

Anyway, tomorrow I race. I feel good, so I guess that means I’m ready. The other day at inewmed I was given a shot of “colon-izer” which is meant to replace the bacteria in my gut after a round of bacteria last month. It tasted like old stinky cheese and made me want to vomit.

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  1. 5th? with hunter and victor? woooohoooo! that’s terrific, and i’m anxious to read your report on it.

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