2 weeks

image Today is two weeks since my doc told me to be on crutches for two weeks, so I started walking. No pain! So I’m getting back on the horse, and in a few weeks I should be rockin’ out with the big boys again.

It’s also two weeks since I brewed some tea and started it fermenting with the kombucha mother I bought off Craigslist. I bottled about three quarts this morning, and added another gallon of tea to the mother and her new baby (which, due to the large diameter of my tea crock, is about four times the size of its mother).

If you haven’t tried kombucha, it’s available at most health stores for about 4 bucks a pint. Brewing it myself it costs about $2 a gallon (for organic tea). Basically, a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria grows a giant mushroom on top of brewed sweet tea, and it feeds off the caffeine and sugar to make a product that’s almost free of sugar and caffeine. My first batch I used an old bag of Chinese black tea, thinking that it wouldn’t matter if the tea was a little stale; I was wrong. This time I’m using fresh Trader Joe’s Organic Green Tea. The next batch I’m going to start experimenting with adding some herbal flavors, like ginger or raspberry.

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  1. wait really? I say “mother and her baby” and you think horse? So when my sister gives birth later this year and I celebrate saying something like, “the baby is so cute!!” will you think I have a horse nephew? Isn’t there a unique word for baby horses? Like how cows and whales have calfs and dogs have pups?

    Or maybe it’s because I used a cliche with regard to training hard again.

  2. it’s called a foal. foals are way cuter than baby people, and actually you told me you don’t think baby people are cute, so i doubt we’ll have a problem come november.

  3. The Kombucha or the babies? The kombucha, according to trustworthy sources like Wikipedia and the guy at the farmers market, supports liver function and aids with digestion. By taking the strain off those organs your body can function better, so in that sense, yes, it makes you faster. I also found out that if you brew it too long at home and aren’t used to consuming alcohol, it can give you quite a buzz (in the store it says <0.5%, but mine was definitely at least 1.0%)

  4. ley me know how the kombucha goes. I hate kombucha. my wife is addicited to it. It’s like crack, chicks can’t get enough of it and it is too expensive.

  5. oooh kombucha!!!! i am getting a mother in august and am so excited to have some affordable delicious kombucha. that sh*$ is real good for the stomach, for everything. is that clean enough language?

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