Dog Days

iPhone_Pics 112 Crutches are the devil. Well, maybe they’re better than the alternative of hopping my way around town, but they’re certainly no substitute for the use of my left leg. With crutches, you can’t carry anything. For instance, if I make a sandwich for lunch, I either eat it standing like a flamingo, or else I lay the plate on the counter, take a step on the crutches, move the plate three feet, take a step, etc. all the way to kitchen table. My dog, who is mostly deaf and mostly blind, finds this process extremely entertaining. She positions herself in the middle of my path in hopes that I will trip or lose balance – sending my freshly prepared meal to the floor. What amazes me is that in the event of a spill, she can somehow get my sandwich into her mouth before I can set aside my crutches and bend over. The only conclusion to be made here is that dog have a sixth sense for culinary detection, and that sense has more longevity than her eyes and ears.

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  1. Now dp gou feel bad for making me crutch all over SF last year in the rain?!?!? I can carry thing while on crutches I am a crutches pro. Really it is all about fenagling a grip. I can show you tomorrow actually I can race you.

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