A little bit of Canada in the Pacific

ben on track I arrived today to Maui. It was a short flight over, but still tiring. I arrived hungry and without food, then went grocery shopping at a health food market nearby. I spent a lot of money, filled a camping backpack with food, then rode back up the hill to the house I’m staying in with a few Canadian athletes.

Andrew Russell is probably the reason I’m able to join in on the camp, which is otherwise just Triathlon Canada National Team members. Andy and I have been working together hoping to start an international team with a focus on qualifying for the Olympics, and through this process we’ve become friends. I really like how easy it is to get along with most triathletes. It helps, of course, that we’re both engineers, and whiter than Casper. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month and getting to know the rest of the Canadian athletes. (Let me take a moment for the soft-rock montage to play out in your head.) After all, their national training center is much much closer to my home than Colorado Springs. It’ll be good to know my neighbors.

[I don’t have any picture from Maui yet, but take a look at the pic above. nice shoes, right? Check back or follow me on twitter and you might just win yourself a pair of those Brazil K-Swiss K’Ona running shoes. – photo courtesy of Courtenay]

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