Sick of the Cold? – A Plug for the Austin Endurance Ranch

image After a month in Hawaii, I’m certain that everyone needs a little sunshine to start off training for the new year. Hawaii may be a long way away, but I bet you can find a cheap ticket to Austin. Check out the Austin Endurance Ranch put on by Chris Tremonte – a professional triathlete from Seattle.  Chris has been making dinner for all his friends every Thursday for the past 3 months in preparation for this training camp, and I can say with certainty that the food alone – both healthy and delicious – will make this training camp worthwhile and memorable.

Aside from the food, Austin has some great training opportunities: roads with Texas size shoulders to ride your bike on, endless miles of soft surfaces to run on, and some really unique pools for swimming. It’s definitely one of the most fun places to do a winter training camp.

The first camp starts next week, and Chris is giving last minute deals on the camps. You may spend less for a week of training in Austin than you would staying home and keeping the heater on full blast.

Check out the website, contact Chris, and book a flight to Austin. You’ll be glad you did.

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