Parents Are Better

No matter how much the people around you like you and want you to be healthy, your parents are better at that. So when my parents flew in Friday afternoon in order to make sure I was on the path to health, I felt much better about my situation.

Friday I was discharged after being ignored all day by the recipients of the 2009 “worst hospital shift ever” award (voted on by one patient who had experienced at least four different shifts). Every test came back negative, and to some extent I feel like I was given up on. I was sent home with a low fever and a splitting headache, which has pretty much persisted through the weekend. On the whole I feel much better than I did a few days ago, but that pretty much just means I’m not having to take morphine to fight my neck and head pain, and my body temperature is not going through dramatic hourly fluctuations.

Regardless, I’m optimistic about my health. I’ll be back in the mix soon enough.

Matt Chrabot won the Miami International Triathlon yesterday, which is awesome. It’s good to see a younger face on the top of the podium. Chris Lieto was leading after the bike, but Matt overtook him on the run. I wish I could have been there to mix it up.

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