Quality Returns (maybe)

There’s a program made my microsoft that is awesome, and the pricks over in Redmond can’t seem to figure out how to make it for Mac OSX. Since I’m the proud owner of a 2 month old Macbook, that really irritates me. The program is called Microsoft Live Writer and it make writing blogs really easy. Ever since I switched over to Macintosh, writing blogs has gone back to being a time-sucking pain in my butt. Alas, I gave in and loaded an old version of Windows onto my OSX laptop – purely so I can run that one program (luckily that prick I linked to above helped me get that version of Windows at the employee store for a major discount).

Windows is now loading in the background, and after dinner (when it may or may-not be done) I’ll finally be able to load Live Writer again and post glamorous blogs that threaten to entertain educate and dazzle your senses.


By the way, remember to send pictures of you old trainers here – I’ve gotten a couple entries, but the contest is WIDE open.

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