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Would this face make you volunteer a homestay again?
Would this face make you volunteer a homestay again?

I arrived in Mexico today. I’m staying with a family that is friends with Francisco Serrano (the best triathlete in Mexico). Francisco (Paco) set everything up for me, and did it so smoothly that I had no idea where I was going until I was here.

I left Colorado Springs before breakfast this morning – something I will try to do differently in the future – so after two puddle jumpers and five hours of travel, I was starving to death when I arrived at my homestay. Luckily, true to the culture, I was immediately offered food, a bed, and a password to the internet. . . everything I could hope for!

The family consists of three sisters and a brother, plus the brother’s friend who is staying here for six months. (Let’s see if I can remember all the names, it’s harder when it’s not names you’re used to hearing: The olderst daughter and the son share the names of their parents – which makes it easier – Naomi and Fabrizio, then there’s Hector, Fabrizio’s friend Hector, Paulet and Nicola. A full house!


I was just sidetracked for two days. Seth Wealing is here now as well. An even fuller house!

I checked out the course – it’s awesome. Smooth roads, no traffic, very technical, windy, weird narrow river swim, twisty run… very fun!

I’ll know more about the race after the meeting that we’re heading off to in a few minutes.

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