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This weekend I’m racing in San Francisco. It will be my first of three weekends in a row of racing, so I’m viewing this one as a fancy, fast workout. The San Francisco Pan-America Cup is held on Treasure Island, in the middle of the Bay Bridge, and it’s a really unique and technical bike course. Despite the fact that I’m coming in tired, I’m excited, this race is going to be fun!

Here in Colorado things are going smoothly. It’s been really hot, like I talked about in my post a few days ago, so I’m looking forward to the cool weather in San Francisco. I’ve started to become possessive of swim workouts. It’s not a good thing, but I’ve been pushing the pace so frequently that when I have an off day (or someone else has a good day), I start thinking something is wrong. This morning I wore my wetsuit to get ready for Saturday (it’ll be my first wetsuit race since this race in 2008!). With a wetsuit on I thought something was wrong for a different reason: I was way too hot! Luckily, it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost my ability to get out of the suit quickly, and my new Blue 70 Helix is a pretty awesome suit. I was absolutely flying down the lane. I really like the detailing they’ve done with the arms to allow for greater feel of the water. It’s too bad winning swim practice doesn’t translate directly to winning races because with that suit on I would be the world champion!

Next week I head to Hamburg, then London, and we’ve been told that internet costs 20 euros a day, so I will likely not be blogging while I”m there. Instead, I may just repost the blogs from the last time I was in Hamburg.

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