Columbia University Men’s Swimming Kills It!

Columbia Men’s Swimming and Diving took third at Ivy League Championships over the weekend. Harvard and Princeton have had a lock on the top two for the past 30 years, but Columbia took their fair share of events, including the 400 free relay (video below). Harvard had to win the last relay in order to beat Princeton, but Columbia crushed the field. This video makes me miss college swimming (it also makes me glad I was never in the stands listening to our parents – that would have made me WAY more nervous!). Also, my split on the 400 free relay my senior year (with a rolling start) was a 45 something, which would have been almost a second slower than anyone on this team. These guys are fast!

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  1. every find it funny that most triathletes, triathlon coaches and know it alls demand that bi lateral breathing is the key – when most fast high school and college swimmers DO NOT? What are your thoughts? Do you bi lateral breath? From a swimming background I hate to even try it

  2. Trying to decode your comment… Yes I breath bilaterally. Though I might go 5 right, 5 left, or even 10 right 3 left. It’s vital to knowing what’s going on around you in the open water.

  3. That’s funny – re-reading it I have a hard time too. I kind have modified my sighting to accommodate my stubborn refusal to breathe on both sides – but in the end you are right.

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