Mooloolaba World Cup

I didn’t go to Australia, but I wanted to know what happened at the World Cup today. Here’s a graph that shows it all. There was a big pack on the bike, two small breaks, some people got dropped from the bike then picked up by Chris Foster (he was riding solo after the swim). Kahlefeldt won from the main pack, the first guy in the breakaway was Rudy Wild in 5th. The zero line is Kahlefeldt, everyone else is plotted by their time difference from him at each point of the race.

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  1. I know, for some reason excel converted my minutes:seconds into decimals that mean nothing. I suppose I could go back and fix it, but I think I’ll just wait for the next race and do it better then. The X-axis is timing points. Start, swim exit, bike start, bike finish, run start, run finish. Y-Axis is some factor of time, The top line is about +3.5minutes and the bottom line is -1:30 (being 1:30 faster than brad.

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