ITU Mixed Relay World Championships

Last weekend was the ITU Mixed Relay Triathlon World Championships held in Hamburg. The US team did really well, but from the results it was hard to see how things played out. Below is a graph that makes it easier to see how each leg of the race contributed to the final placing, but because ITU didn’t post individual swim / bike / run splits for each athlete, we can still only guess at what happened within each leg. For the US it was Sarah Groff, Ben Kanute, Gwen Jorgensen and Cameron Dye. As you can see, the Kiwis only got us by a sliver in the very last moments of the race. Must have been awesome to watch. Great Britain was doing well until a crash in the third leg, which is where their line abruptly stops.


The X axis is the leg of the race, the Y axis is the time behind germany, and the blue horizontal line is the German team. It looks like they took over in the third leg and then extended their lead in the final leg.

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