Lifetime Fitness CapTex Triathlon 2014

20140526_110757_Android20140526_110634_AndroidI came in 2nd today at CapTex. Cameron Dye won, making it two in a row for him in the series. This is my fifth time racing here, and I’ve been 10th (I think), 5th, and then twice in third. This year was my best finish and also the first year without any weird problems (police boats turning the pro field around mid-race, late starts, penalties for rules that aren’t in the book, etc.) – I have to give it to Lifetime that this race is run much more smoothly since they bought it a year ago. That said, it wasn’t a smooth day for everyone. Lightning storms hit around 11 am while there were still hundreds of people out on the course, and when the police gave the word everyone had to run for shelter.

20140526_115845_AndroidFor me it was a good race. I felt off, like I wasn’t able to rev it up as I normally would. Part of that could be that it’s still early in the season. Part of it could be related to the pulmonary edema I had just three weeks ago. Regardless, I can’t complain about 2nd place. It’s a great finish against a solid field at a race that’s never easy.

One great highlight from today was that my run was the 3rd fastest. I’m moving in the right direction, and looking forward to hitting my form this summer when it really counts.

For now, back to Chicago. I’m hoping to race the Mont Tremblant 5150 in Quebec on June 8th – I just need to figure out how to get there!

As you might guess by looking at this post, nobody seemed to take any pictures today, or at least they aren’t posted yet. I’ll update if I find any race pics other than people huddled by the convention center to get away from the storm.

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